Why We're Different

The Science & Vocabulary Behind Vital

To ensure a remarkable future for our profession, we must help schools rethink how to attract, grow and retain teachers.

By redefining burnout, we CAN measure and address it.

Schools often associate burnout as an individual's problem; something that can be addressed through meditation or yoga. It can't.

It can be addressed by understanding and improving the day-to-day school operations that impact employee well-being.

Hope is the antidote to burnout.

Teachers gain confidence when they can help envision a brighter future and experience positive changes along the way.

Science tells us that Hope can be activated as a strategy—with goals, measurement, and milestones.

Vitality is the presence of hope and the absence of burnout.

“Job satisfaction” isn’t wrong—it’s just not enough. We need to build workplace conditions that engage and support teachers so they can do their best work.

We elevate teachers and leaders with research, data and technology.

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