Education is a remarkable profession full of remarkable people.
We’re on a mission to keep it that way.

"We know that hope comes from the experience of making tomorrow better than today through action and connection with others. It's a journey. Vital is here to help make sure people and places focus their energy on the things that truly impact the hope of educators."

- Nathan Eklund, Founder, Educator, Author

Our Work

Informed by decades of experience working with superintendents, principals, and teacher leadership teams, Vital Network gathers educator voice to support districts on their journey to improve daily practices and employee engagement shown to reduce educator burnout and increase retention.

District and building-level leaders will receive personalized experiences and goal-setting recommendations across three (3) focus areas: 

- Voice and Decision Making

- Time Management

- Care and Support


Informs the organizational change needed to reduce burnout and increase retention.


Provides personalized recommendations that meet you where you are and take you further.


Highlights your improvements over time through the lens of educator well-being.


Connects you with others dedicated to transforming our profession.

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