Education is a remarkable profession full of remarkable people.
We’re on a mission to keep it that way.

The statistics are clear. Unless we change the status quo, teacher burnout is certain.

“The best days for education can be ahead of us if we meaningfully connect with others dedicated to ensuring the future of our profession. But it’s not just about one school or one district.

When schools unite in an ecosystem of trusted partners to support them in positive change, we will see sustainable change at scale.”

- Nathan Eklund, Founder, Educator, Author

What We Do

Informed by decades of experience working with superintendents, principals, and teacher leadership teams, Vital Network provides the data, insights, and ongoing support to prioritize organizational improvements that help schools create great places to teach, lead, and learn.

We equip schools with:

  • Research-based strategies that reduce teacher burnout and increase retention
  • Actionable data to help leaders to make better decisions, earn trust, and reduce uncertainty
  • Proven practices to help improve organizational practices and workplace culture over time
  • A community to connect teachers and leaders with others dedicated to the future of the profession

How Vital Network Helps


We assemble the data that informs the organizational change needed to reduce teacher burnout.


Vital translates data into concrete recommendations that meet you where you are and take you further.


Track organizational improvements over time through the lens of educator well-being.


It’s not just about your school. It’s about connecting with others dedicated to transforming our profession.

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